In 2003, the World Health Organisation came out with a controversial report W.H.O. T.R.S. 916 saying people needed cut their sugar intake to less than 10% of daily calories. Associate Dean of University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, epidemiologist and vice chair of the UN panel on diet, nutrition and the prevention of chronic disease; Shiriki Kumanyika, who wrote the report, never saw the political buzz-saw coming at her.
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The U.S. Sugar Association targeted the WHO report because it asked people to cut their calories for sugar to 10% of their diet. The Corn Refiners Association makers of the soft drink sweetener; high fructose corn syrup, asked Gov. Tommy Thompson to personally intervene and have the WHO report removed from the WHO website. Senators Larry Craig (R-ID) and John Breaux called for Thompson to ask the WHO to cease further promotion of the report.
Read how the Sugar Industry and it's Congressional allies sought to block the report:
Tommy Thompson and the Sugar Industry together with the processed food manufacturers are responsible for the 21st century obesity epidemic.
We need to revisit these reports and ban advertising of unhealthy processed sugar foods to children and remove them from all schools.
Sugar is the tobacco of the 21st century.
The disaster began way back with the arrival of sugar in Great Britain during Tudor times.
TRS 916
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